RECENTLY RELEASED -- Two New Expansions for Saloon Tycoon!

The Ranch Expansion

In Saloon Tycoon: The Ranch Expansion, you’ll need to develop your newly acquired farmland into a thriving ranch (not forgetting you still have a saloon to run).

Purchase animal pens, fill them with livestock, add rooms to your ranch house like the Trophy Room or the Workshop, hire ranch hands to help out with the chores, and try to avoid Hawkeye Harriet, the most notorious cattle rustler and horse thief this side of the Mississippi!


Dead or Alive Expansion

The Dead or Alive Expansions Pack includes FOUR mini-expansions for Saloon Tycoon and Saloon Tycoon: The Ranch Expansion. Each expansion can be added to the game individually, all together or in any other combination!

Dead or Alive includes The Tombstone, The Rodeo, The Gubernment and This Ranch Ain’t Big Enough mini expansions.

Now Available -- New Abductor Pack #8

Samuel Xavier, an angry individual on his best days, was involuntarily forced into a rehabilitation clinic for substance abuse. Now that he is going through withdrawal pains in the form of excruciating migraines, he's angrier than he's ever been before.

In this challenging expansion, you must deal with Sammy's blinding headaches while trying to save hostages. If you can't reduce his pain to a manageable level, he may snap... and then it will be too late to save anyone.


We're Still Taking Pre-Orders for The Big Score and Detective: City of Angels

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