Graphic Novel Adventures game books are unlike any game books you have seen before!

While they may conjure up memories of the classic Choose Your Own Adventure books you read as a child, these graphic novels offer a refreshing departure from walls of text.  Instead, you'll become an active participant in up to five different stories that unfold in these beautifully illustrated graphic novels.

Where will your adventures take you?

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The Ultimate Solitaire Game Experience

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I'll be straight up with you. We keep current with the Solitaire Gaming Community. After all, we have one of the most popular and successful solitaire board games on the market in Hostage Negotiator and catering to solo gamers is one of our core brand strategies. I am telling you right now these books are an incredible Solitaire experience. And they are so accessible even to those of you that don't normally play games solo

  • There is zero setup time. Open the book and begin playing. Start and stop at will, play time is whatever you want it to be.
  • They tell a cohesive and engaging story.
  • They include puzzles, riddles, hidden numbers, and other challenges that will test you at every step.
  • "I need a game to play on an airplane tray table" - you cannot imagine how often we hear this from the solo community. Look no further!
  • The books feature a variety of themes and story lines each with different rules and gameplay twists on the core system.
  • Ok  I'll throw my personal opinion in here. This is the BEST game book experience I have EVER had and it is hard for me to imagine going back to text based game books after this. And I've played all the greats like CYOA, Lone Wolf, Fighting Fantasy, Sorcery!, and more.


The Big Score

Our successful Kickstarter may be over, but you can still get your hands on all the loot with a pre-order. Form your team of thieves, and be the best thieving crew at the table!

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It's Not Too Late

There's still time to pre-order Detective: City of Angels and the expansion, Bullets Over Broadway. Don't miss this epic, narrative-driven board game set in the violent world of 1940's Los Angeles!

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Are You an Expert Hostage Negotiator?

Not so fast! Have your tried matching wits against the violent and angry Dolph Pedersen in Abductor Pack #2? Or what about going head-to-head with former hostage negotiator, Valerie Stone in Abductor Pack #7? Let's just say she blames you for her... err... predicament. Stock up on these expert challenges and more in our store! You'll be saving hostages in no time. Or not...