Salvation Road is live on Kickstarter and ending soon!

Look for it on Kickstarter!


There isn’t much left. Life is a game of survival. You’ve taken residence in a compound in the desert with several other survivors. Every day is a battle against hunger, disease, gangs that take what they want, and most of all, DEATH. And you are losing that battle…

You and your group have made the decision to try to find a rumored safe haven, an upstart community that is resourcerich and, most importantly, safe. You know you are going to need resources, most of all fuel for your truck, if you are going to survive the journey to Salvation!


Salvation Road features:

  • Very engaging cooperative play for 1-4 players (playable up to 8 players with an included variant).
  • A post-apocalyptic theme that puts you in the middle of a desolate world that is full of danger.
  • Extensively playtested and developed – including at conventions such as Origins, UnPub, Gencon and more.
  • Interesting and easy to understand gameplay!
  • 60-90 minute playtime – most games will take around an hour but it depends on the group.
  • Great re-playability – Multiple heroes, survivors, locations, and apocalyptic events ensure you will never play the same game twice.



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