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Hostage Negotiator Cover art


It happens on rare occasions, but it is what you have spent your life preparing and training for… Hostages have been taken. You head to the command center at the scene. The Crisis Commander briefs you on the situation, then you pick up the phone and the mental jousting begins…

Hostage Negotiator is a solitaire Card game where you play the role of a Hostage Negotiator that has the responsibility and the burden of negotiating with a hostile Abductor who has taken hostages and is hell bent on achieving some unscrupulous goal. Use your wits to adapt to whatever the Abductor or the situation throws your way to save the hostages and win the game!


Hostage Negotiator features:

  • Unique and engaging solitaire play!
  • An interesting theme that puts you in the shoes of a heroic hostage negotiator.
  • Extensively playtested and developed – including at conventions such as Origins, UnPub, Tennessee Game Days, Gencon and more.
  • Interesting and easy to understand gameplay! The unique hand-building aspect will be familiar to anyone who has played a deck building game.
  • Quick playtime – most negotiations can be completed in 15-30 minutes.
  • Incredible art by illustrator Kristi Kirisberg
  • Colorblind friendly graphic design!
  • Great re-playability - 3 different Abductors that change the feel of each game. Plus Demand and Terror Cards that are different every game!



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