Designer:  David Illescas

Artists: Paco Arenas and Jaime González García

Players:  1-5

Length:  60-150 Minutes

Age:  14+

Skull Tales: Full Sail


The Southern Lady cuts through the waves, the water spraying your face as you stare out at the Caribbean sea. Lost in thought, you remember the first time you came across a Spanish Galleon. Few of you managed to escape that mess with your lives, but that marked the moment when you began forging your destiny as a pirate. Now, your reputation precedes you wherever you go, instilling fear among your enemies. Nothing will get in your way of becoming the most infamous pirate to ever sail the high seas. Make your own destiny and become the terror of the seas in Skull Tales!

Skull Tales: Full Sail is a pirate adventures board game with miniatures. Set sail on the Southern Lady and explore the beautiful Caribbean sea, ripe with fearsome enemies and amazing treasures. Fame and fortune await you!

Choose among twelve starting characters, each one with its own unique miniature, to be used on the different boards as you play through the game.

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Voyage Phase.jpg

During the Voyage Phase, which simulates being on a pirate ship, we’ll be managing the crew that makes up our ship while we explore the map on the way towards our objective...or objectives! But, the Captain might have a hidden agenda that he/she is keeping from the rest of the crew…

Adventure Phase.jpg

In the Adventure Phase you’ll explore mysterious islands, dangerous caves, and abandoned temples. You’ll also have the chance to pillage colonial villas and find legendary objects. However, there are frightening creatures and challenging enemies to face along the way.

Port Phase.jpg

In the Port Phase your character can acquire new abilities and equipment by interacting with the residents of Tortuga Island and visiting its different locations. But be careful, this place hides secrets that can make a pirate’s fate take a turn for the worst.

Skull Tales: Mega-Expansion


The rumors about the legend of El Dorado have reached the ears of the Brotherhood of the Brothers of the Coast. The Royal Navy has been collecting information on his whereabouts and is suspected of keeping it on file and hidden in a remote Caribbean colony. The Brotherhood has put us at the head of this mission, providing us with the route of an English ship in which one of the last expeditions that has set sail in order to find the mythical treasure travels back ...

With this expansion you will live countless hours of fun and adventures, with new enemies and characters, 4 complete adventures campaigns, 26 scenarios.

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