Designer:  Robert Couch

Artist:  Agnieszka Dabrowiecka

Players:  2-4

Length:  30-60 Minutes

Age:  13+

Saloon Tycoon

Players are Saloon owners in an old west gold rush town.

They've purchased lots on the four corners of the main crossroads and need to expand their small establishments into thriving businesses. Their goal is to create massive centers for commerce and entertainment in the wilds of the West. To boost their success, they’ll need to attract the wealthy and famous citizens of the town while keeping away the less savory characters.

This is a building and tile placement game where the purpose of the game is to build the best saloon. The game is played by each player taking a board and then taking turns going clockwise from the first player earning gold, taking an action, building and collecting bonuses.

The player with the most reputation points at the end of the game wins!

Saloon Tycoon: Boomtown Expansions

This expansion includes 6 mini expansions!

Each expansion can be added to the game individually or together with the others in any combination. Simply add the tiles to the supply of tiles, add the characters to the pool of character cards, and shuffle the open and secret claim cards in with their respective decks prior to setup.