Hostage Negotiator Crime Wave.jpg

Designer:  A.J. Porfirio

Artists:  Kristi Harmon, Evan Derrick, Ivan Pushkov

Players:  1 (Solitaire)

Length:  15-30 Minutes

Age:  15+

Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave

Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave is a stand-alone expansion to the hit solitaire game from 2015!

A rash of crime is hitting the city. Most crimes don't require a negotiator. But for the ones that do... you get the call. 

Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave is completely playable without any other content. So if you don't own the original Hostage Negotiator, you are still getting a fully playable game right out of the box.  Of course, having the original as well really brings out the most in this expansion!

With new Conversation Cards, new Terror Cards, new Pivotal Events, new Abductors, and new Demands that can all be integrated with the original, your Hostage Negotiator experience will be taken to an all new level!

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Room to Grow

The larger box of Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave can easily fit all released content, including the entire original game box!

Plus, there's room for more, and you'll still have the portability for taking the game with you on trips.

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