Ana Langston and The Defender


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Now Available -- New Abductor Pack #8

Samuel Xavier, an angry individual on his best days, was involuntarily forced into a rehabilitation clinic for substance abuse. Now that he is going through withdrawal pains in the form of excruciating migraines, he's angrier than he's ever been before.

In this challenging expansion, you must deal with Sammy's blinding headaches while trying to save hostages. If you can't reduce his pain to a manageable level, he may snap!  BUY NOW!


Designer:  A.J. Porfirio

Artist:  Kristi Harmon

Players:  1 (Solitaire)

Length:  15-30 Minutes

Age:  15+

Hostage Negotiator

In Hostage Negotiator, you play the part of a law enforcement agent responsible for negotiating the release of hostages taken by an unscrupulous figure (the abductor) hell-bent on having his or her demands met.

Each turn represents a conversation between you and the hostage taker. Play cards and roll dice to increase conversation points, decrease the threat level, and release hostages.

A unique "hand-building" mechanism puts cards you purchase directly in your hand for next turn, rather than leaving you wondering when the cards will show up like in deck-building games.

There are multiple paths to victory, but the hostage taker has other plans. Will you try to calm him and get him to surrender? Will you stall and bide your time before for a major extraction? How many hostages will you save? These are many of the exciting decisions you will make in a game of Hostage Negotiator!

Abductor Expansion Packs to Enhance and Challenge You

Check out our full line of Abductor Packs to add challenging new situations to your Hostage Negotiator game. Do you have what it takes to convince a cult to release its hostages? How about trying to stop a runaway bus headed for the border? There are lots of new and exciting expansions to discover!

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Now on Mobile!

Now available for both Android and iOS! Just search for "Hostage Negotiator." View some screenshots and watch the video.

Be sure to check out Hostage Negotiator: Crime Wave, a stand-alone expansion to the original Hostage Negotiator!