I love paying shipping for a Kickstarter game!

Said no one ever.

Let's talk about that shall we? As I sit here we are mere days away from the launch of The Big Score on Kickstarter, (This game is so fun you guys! Seriously. Check it out on February 20th and get on board.) I am thinking about shipping...

TBS Box Front.jpg

And you know what? Someone... one of these fulfillment companies... You know, Quartermaster Logistics, GamesQuest, Aetherworks - all great partners of ours by the way -  the ones who ship to you when the games get to your country...  or someone else... anybody...

...should have figured out by now how to allow backers to get multiple KS games they've backed -from different publishers- shipped in one box, at the SAME time! 

This would result in DRAMATIC savings for the publishers, which means dramatic savings for YOU, the consumer. We'd simply pass it on. We have no interest in making margin on shipping... the value we add is from bringing you great games! 

This is a gold mine waiting to be tapped. Because if The Big Score shows up at Quartermaster in August and hypothetically our friends at Thunderworks have their game show up at a similar time... well why couldn't those rewards ship together if a backer happened to back both projects? Hell, it should be automatic... I shouldn't even have to know the other publisher, why does it matter? They should have the addresses, do an address match, see the games are going to the same place and optimize the pick, pack, and shipping. Split the shipping cost between the publishers, take a bit more margin for your time and effort Mr. Shipper, and everyone wins.

Am I making sense here? Sure there are some challenges, but nothing in my mind that can't be solved. How do you know what to charge the backers? You know what, if done right the backers would be able to have an account with this shipper... they can have them hold say 3 or 4 KS shipments over the course of a few weeks if they want and ship them all together. They pay the shipping directly through their account and we (the publishers) never even have to charge them ourselves! I mean am I crazy? Or is this as brilliant as I think it is in my head? To me it is a path to dominance in the market of KS fulfillment. I've mentioned it to Seth at our great partners at Quartermaster Inc (aka Coolstuff). I mean, why can't we piggy back on your Coolstuff order and help you get cheaper or free shipping? Or give you the opportunity to add games from CSI to your order to get free shipping? They already offer that if you buy100 bucks worth of games anyway! I am happy to subsidize for the prorated portion that would be our game. We'd still come out ahead... 

I hope Seth and team are working on it. Or that someone is... because I can tell you this... if a reputable fulfillment company figures this out... I will be the first in line to give them VRG's business.

What do you think? Is this a pipe dream? A fantasy? Or am I on to something here... I'd love to know your thoughts as a publisher or as a consumer.

AJ Porfirio