Game Submissions

We currently are not accepting outside submissions.

Below is what you need to know in order to submit a game for publishing consideration.
1) We are open to many types of games, but are not currently looking at: war games, heavy Euro games, Zombie games
2) Email us a description of the game. Make sure you include basic details such as number of players, play time, age limits, etc. A copy of the rules is preferred, but not required. We will review the provided information to decide if the game is worth exploring further.. We publish ANALOG table top games only. Please do not submit digital games.
3) If we are interested in seeing and playing a prototype we’ll respond to you with information detailing how to get the game to us.  Make sure the rules are clear and please include a sample turn or three  (this will help iron out any possible rule issues). Please include contact information when sending the game.
We do not guarantee to review a submission or prototype within a specific amount of time, but we do promise we will get to and respond to each and every one. Feel free to contact us for an update if you wish.
Thanks for considering becoming part of the Van Ryder Games family!

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